Agribusiness Trading Group and Peoples Company are pleased to announce that four, noncontiguous tracts of dryland farm ground will be made available and sold via a sealed bid offering. This portfolio of farms may be purchased individually or in any combination of farms. All bids will be due by Tuesday, August 29 @ 4:00 PM (PT).

This portfolio of premium dryland farms consists of three farms located in Columbia County, Washington, and one in Walla Walla County, Washington. Farm ground located in the foothills of Washington State’s Blue Mountains is highly sought after and well known for its high rainfall which allows for a continuous crop rotation of grain and legumes and production of very high yields.

Bordered by the Snake River to the north and the Columbia River to the west, this collection of farm assets is ideally situated in the heartland of Washington State’s premier grain production area. This region is well known for producing high-quality grain that is primarily shipped via barge to Portland, Oregon on its way to the export markets overseas. High-value farmland in this area is a tightly held asset with ownership often transferring from generation to generation and rarely coming up for sale to the public. These farms would be a great addition to an existing farm operation or a smart investment for a Buyer looking to diversify their asset portfolio.

For more information and to request the full information package, please contact Adam C Woiblet or Steve Bruere.

Thorn Hollow Farm: 2,080.89 Acres M/L

Lamar Farm: 3,658.74 Acres M/L

Park Farm: 297.05 Acres M/L

Hogeye Farm: 571.62 Acres M/L

Interactive Map
Below is an interactive map of the Walla Walla and Columbia County, WA property. There are several layers to the map that can be turned on and off using the layer tool at the right. Feel free to zoom in and out as well, and explore the different aspects of this property



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